About Us

MyCoop LLC is dedicated to improving communication between residents of multi-unit buildings as well as with property owners and business managers. To date our core offer is MyCoop.com. This is a free, simple and easy content and communication platform for building residents that fosters conversation, builds community and ultimately increases resident retention. It also is a conduit to great tools, resources and services to improve your life at home.

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Easy as Pie:

We believe that some things in life should be simple and we believe that communicating with your neighbors should be one of them. With MyCoop, you will always be just a click away from your neighbors so start saying ‘farewell’ to hassle and awkward silence and start saying ‘hello’ to your neighbors.

Be Inspired:

We believe that everyone should have the access to great ideas for doing things around the home. Ever wonder how to throw a holiday party for your neighbors? Or how to build a garden on your rooftop? Our team handpicks great ideas daily that can make apartment life awesome.

Do More:

We believe that the more neighbors talk to one another the more great things will happen. For example, your old couch could be someone’s new couch, your solitary childcare could become endless playdates, the possibilities are endless when you connect with neighbors in your buildings and buildings neighbors in the area.

Safe and Secure:

Safety and security is our #1 priority and your home is your business and ours. As a result, only users with a verified address are able to join MyCoop Building Association. For more information please read our privacy policy.


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